Route 15 Arts byway

Joanne Kenney Hawver on March 22, 2017

This is an editorial comment by Gary Adkisson posted in the Sentinel on March 18, 2017

We hope many of you have found our Route 15 Arts byway website and Facebook page. But if not, here is the link:

The site is filled with information about art and craft related events along Route 15, from Gettysburg to Williamsport.

Stories on the site include the re-opening of the Allenberry Playhouse, a new strategy for the Carlisle Theatre, and a new coal-themed photo exhibit at the Weis Center for the Performing Arts in Lewisburg.

Art and Craft tourism along the route picks up substantially as the weather improves and as event calendars fill up.

To assist the artists, artisans, craftsmen and tourism related businesses along the route, the Route 15 partners will be producing a travel guide to be distributed at businesses along the route.

The partners are the four daily newspapers in Gettysburg, Carlisle, Sunbury and Williamsport. We each work very closely with our local tourism offices to promote the events and businesses that draw their livelihood from this important sector of our economy.

The pocket guide will be titled “Found It on Route 15” consistent with the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau’s “Found It” theme.

This is another exciting way to explore the creativity that abounds in the Cumberland Valley. 

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